Spray Painting Service in Mumbai

Spray Wall Painting Service in Mumbai

Spray Painting Service Providers in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Spray paint art is an art form using spray paint, traditionally on posterboard but can be done on any non-porous material, such as wood, metal, glass, ceramic or plastic. It differs from graffiti art in that graffiti is performed on buildings, trains and the like, as opposed to more traditional art surfaces.

This is a unique form of art that is generally performed on the street in large metropolitan cities creating surreal landscapes of planets, comets, pyramids, cities, nature scenes as well as simple one-colored backgrounds or even multi-colored backgrounds where the paint swirls together or fades from one color to the other through a series of differing values (of each color).


  • # Spray paint
  • # Oil painters palette knife. Each artist choosing from a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • # Glossy magazine pages – used to remove paint in a random fashion from the canvas creating texture.
  • # Bowls, buckets, lids, cans or other circular objects – used as stencils for creating planets by covering a         texture from paint which is applied afterward to form a background.
  • # Respirator – rated for organic vapors to prevent inhalation of toxic fumes. Paper masks similar to those worn by surgeons are not sufficient and provide very little if any, protection to the user against the many harmful chemicals in aerosol propelled paint.
  • # Paper towels, (sea) sponges, plastic grocery bags, straight-edge, inside-out tube socks and countless other items can be utilized to manipulate or apply the paint in a variety of ways to create different textures.     Basically, any tools other than those associated with traditional oil painting (mainly brushes) are                    “acceptable” among puritans of this historically untraditional medium.

Spray Painting Service in Mumbai

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